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Custom Die Cutting: Stand Out From the Crowd

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Get free customized parties today. LION DIE CUTTING CO., INC. is a broker-friendly manufacturer that helps your company with everything from folding boxes to blister cards.

Do-it-yourself cutting solution that's also easy to use

Package and display your products more professionally with custom die cutting from our company in Brooklyn, New York. Custom Die Cutting Services: fabric, rubber, felt, cork, very thin metals, wood, acrylic, composites, fiberglass, magnets, sponge, custom die cuts or any other flat material normally found in the industry.

For a A flat bed die cutter has essentially two parallel metal platens in between which the die and material are placed. CutMaster is a Rotary Die-Cutter with a difference; die-forms are produced with straight edge knife, producing clean cut straight edges.

CutMaster cuts with the accuracy of a flatbed die-cutter unlike traditional Rotary Die-Cutters. We laser cut paper for packaging, branding and promotional material. Welcome to our new website We have updated our look and name becoming a better resource for you, but remain the same company of experienced staff who you have partnered with on your laser cutting projects for over 30 years.

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Custom paper die cutter
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