Devoid of content

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Devoid of Content

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Devoid of Content

Philosophy had become extravagant, eclectic, abstract, devoid of any real content. Phaedrus.

Definition of 'devoid'

Plato. British Dictionary definitions for devoiddevoid. adjective (postpositive foll by of) destitute or void (of); free (from) Show More. Word Origin. They will point, in fact, to the forms that, while they are themselves without content, are necessary to the conveying of any content whatsoever, at least in English.

Banning 'content' for just this one class is a way of reinforcing the separateness of form and content, before the two are reunited again, at which point, with any luck, both aspects of communication are reinforced in the student.

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The theory is wrong. Content is a lure and a delusion, and it should be banished from the classroom. Form is the way.

Devoid of content
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