Mod rewrite apache2 conf

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Apache Core Features

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Until recently, I only had the vaguest of ideas of what mod_rewrite was, and I certainly had no clue about how to use it. So, when I started designing this site, I decided to delve into the wonders that are the mod_rewrite Apache module.

Frequently Asked Questions I'm not running Apache or Nginx, do you support my http server? While we only support Apache and Nginx, there are community developed ports to several other webservers. Description of the problem.

How to enable mod_rewrite on Apache on CentOS

By default, SuSE doesn’t enable the mod_rewrite rewrite module. It’s installed, but not enabled. Follow these steps to install it. If you have installed Apache HTTP server via apt-get or aptitude on Debian or Ubuntu systems, it has mod_rewrite module installed, but not enabled by default.

After Apache web server installation, you need to enable mod_rewrite explicitly in order to enjoy its benefit. What is mod_rewrite?

Apache HTTP web server boasts of extensible features which are realized by the notion of pluggable modules.

Mod rewrite apache2 conf
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