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Janet Cooke

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Paper Addict. likes · 38 talking about this. Création d'objets en papier et animation d'ateliers. There are two ways to print this printable Shakespeare word search puzzle: Method #1: Click on the link or puzzle below to open it in a new window with no ads or navigation, which you can then print onto an /2" x 11" sheet of paper.

Janet Leslie Cooke (born July 23, ) is a former American won a Pulitzer Prize in for an article written for The Washington story was later discovered to have been fabricated. Cooke subsequently returned the Pulitzer, the only person to date to do so, after admitting she had fabricated stories.

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The Pulitzer was subsequently awarded to Teresa Carpenter, a nominee. A few of the boxes have woodblock-printed labels. The one above reads "Guang Hua Store, specialized in making fashionable glass, opium utensils, and other things; the store is located in the capital of Guangdong, Xiajiupu district.

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Paper addict
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